About Worldwide Top Ten Black Hat Hacker!!!

About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!

Today's post is about the world's top ten black hat hackers.

1. Gary McKinney:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!-Gary McKinney
12 years ago the US Defense Office computer showed a message ... "" Your Security System Is Syrup, "E. M. Sol., I Will Contain You're So Hugest Levels."Defense security alert in the Defense Department After much investigation, it is known that behind this activity, Scottish system developer Gary McKinnon (Top ten Hacker) Gary was always immersed in his work. He was completely separated from the outside world. In medicine he is suffering from asparagus disease. But the depth and knowledge about his software has surprised the big (Top ten Hacker) hackers. The United States Army, Navy, NASA, 97 major computers in the big government office. It damages US $ 7 million. He also researched the UFO.

2. Jonathan James:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!-Jonathan James
At the age of 16, (Top ten Hacker) Black Hat hacker Jonathan James imprisoned for cyber incrimination. NASA and Defense system hacked the system only at the age of 15. He stole software worth $ 1.7 million. In 2008, James committed suicide and wrote on the Swiss note, "I do not believe in the judicial system ... However, today's message and letters will reach this message to the junkies ... I'm the only way out of control of everything and getting out of here.

3. George Hottz:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!

(Top ten Hacker) George Hutz was the first person to break the iPhone operating system. In 2007, when the 17-year-old iPhone operating system broke the break, the world surprised He also developed the jailbreak tool and booth-om to destroy the iPhone operating system. After breaking Sony Play Station III, there was a huge legal battle with Sony Company. Hacker group of George Hutz steals data from 77 million users by hacking PlayStation Network.

4. Andrian Lamo:
 About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!
Pseudonym "The Homeless Hacker". In 2003, Andrew LAMO came up with headlines for Microsoft, Yahoo, The New York Times, MCI Worldcom's high-profile computer network breakdown. When the Times filed a complaint, the arrest warrant was issued in Lamo's name. After a few years of surveillance, 2010 came back to Lamo news headlines. On July 12, 2007, Bradley Manning told Baghdad airspace video leaked to the US Army. This is America's belligerence. Now he is working as a throat analyst in a non-profit organization.

5. David Smith:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!
Malice macro virus made a lot of names. The specialty of his created virus is to break into Microsoft Word files by accessing computers through Outlook. Microsoft, Intel, and Lu-cent companies do their best to prevent malaria virus on email gateway. But they failed. It has been found that in North America, malicious virus attacks on large computer companies cost $ 80 million to damage their business.

6. Michael Kells:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!

(Top ten Hacker) Michael Kells is the 'Mafia Boy' on the Internet world, but there was no intelligence in the brain, but the mind was incomprehensible. The Mafia Boy from Quebec just passed High School, Yahoo, Amazon, Dell, eBay. The world's biggest companies like CNN have kept wheezing. In 2000, (Top ten Hacker) Michael Kells created the denial-of-service that had the power to hack a big commercial website. He hacked Yahoo for the most popular search engine of the day for one hour. Besides, he kept his group TNT authority by hacking any website with his own happiness. In 2001, the Montreal Youth Court instructed Michael to keep a watch for 8 months and ban the use of the Internet.
7. Robert Tappan Morris:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!

Morris Worm has heard the name! On 2 November 1988, Robert Morris created computer worm. This is the first virus, which has entered the computer through the Internet and destroyed various valuable information. Morris Virus released from the University of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a private research university. Unix send mail, finger, rsh / rexec, entering the computer in the middle of the Internet. In 1989, the United States Code Title 18 was found guilty of falsifying the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. He is the first person to be convicted under this law.
8. Vladimir Levine:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!

(Top ten Hacker) Vladimir Levine is the 1940 James Bond. Russian-born Vladimir was a brilliant mathematician. St. Peters burg studied biochemistry from the Burg State Institute. 1944 Vladimir transferred 10 million dollars to his account through the dial-up war transfer service. He collected funds from several thousand accounts of City Bank of different countries like Finland, the United States, Netherlands, Germany and Israel.
9. Albert Gonzalez:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!
From 2005 to 2007, Albert and his group came in the headlines by selling around 170 million cards and ATM numbers. It can be said, this is the first time that there is so much confusion about ATM corruption. Which police, the administration could not move on the edge of how it broke the ATM network. Gonzalez used some of the SQL injection methods, all the computer data in the internet corporate network was in his hands. When the police arrested Albert, his house was found to be worth $ 1.6 million. Among them, a three-foot-long drum kept $ 1.1 million in the back of the house and kept under the ground floor. Albert Gonzalez was sentenced to twenty years imprisonment.
10. Kevin Lee Pollsen:
About Worldwide Top 10 Black Hat Hacker!!!
American journalist (Top ten Hacker) Kevin Lee Poll sen was a notorious hacker in the 1980s. He became quite popular for hacking the telephone line. Los Angeles Radio Station KIIS-FM hacked all the telephone lines, claiming that he deserves the 102 Lucky Collar and the Porsche 944 S2 car award.
Following the investigation into the Foreign Bureau of Investigation (FBI) investigation, Polson is the character of 'Impersonation Lectrator'. He was caught in 1991 but he was caught in 1991. Polsen was charged with cyber crime, computer related crime, smuggling for various crimes. After four years of imprisonment, life took a new turn. He is now well-known journalist War News Company.
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