Top Ten Movies of Hollywood | World Famous 10 Movies

Top Ten Movie of Hollywood | World Famous 10 Movies

Today’s Discussion is about world famous Top Ten Movies
Every now and then numeral movies are releasing from Hollywood Top Ten Movies. Among them some are blockbuster hit and some of these become flop down. So if one want to enjoy one’s time best. It would better watch best Top Ten Movies of Hollywood. Therefore, today it is discussed about top most and extra ordinary movies of Hollywood. Hope it will be enjoyable for you and as a bonus get a list of those below.

12. Years Slave
This movie has made focusing on the dispute of racism which was released in 2013. The rating of IMDB is 8.1 it was awarded Oscar. Amazing that this movie was made in 1841 based on a fact that was kidnapping an Afro-American free citizen whom was made slave for 12 years. The story of 12 years atrocities in his life that has made a real objectivity on this movie.

The Godfather Trilogy
 It is a higher position movie. Among the top most rating movies. The three movies of the Godfather series are in the 1st position. The story of these three movies have created basis on a Mafia family. Among the three, first one was released in 1972, 2nd was 1974 and the third was released in 1990. The three movies have won more Oscar award.

The Dark Knight  
Actually who do not like watching superhero movies? According to the IMDB rating the dark night is also in the top position. The movie has made centered to Batman and Joker is the main cause of its reaching in the peak of popularity. The real story is that the psychological conflict between joker and Batman.

Fight Club
This movie is created with an insomnia patient. The hero of this movie suffered from insomnia and to get rid of this diseases he found various way. Doing this he met with a person and the duo built up a club together. Finally the matter turned into another way. The rating of this movie is 8.9.

Forrest Gump
The story of this movie has built up encompassing a disabled person. In spite of having disability he could pass all the hurdle of his life with love and sincerity. Almost all of the struggle of his life has bloomed up on this movie. The ranking of this more popular movie is 8.8. This six Oscar award winner movie released in 1994.
The Godfather Trilogy Fight Club

The Dark Knight  The Departed

Saving Private RyanSe7en

MementoV for Vendetta

12. Years SlaveForrest Gump

Two spy went out searching for a serial killer. The story of this thrilling movie has created focusing on the hide and seek playing. Now IMDB ranking of this movie is 8.6. The crime thriller loving spectators can watch this wonderful movie.

Saving Private Ryan
This movie has made depending on the story of World War II. Steven Spielberg has directed this famous movie. The popular actor like Tom Hanks, Mat Damn acted for this movies. This fascinating movie won 5 Oscar award.

The Departed
Popular actor Leonardo Caprio and Mat Damn acted for this movie which released in 2006. It won 4 Oscar. Two recent graduated joined in the police department. One of them handed over the duty of undercover police officer and another was a general police officer. The two officer played the role against terrorist activities. At the end of this movie the history turn into a different way. The IMDB ranking of this movie is 8.5.

This movie was freed in 2000. Well-known director Cristofer Nolan has directed the movie and acted Gay Punch in this movie. Here Gay Punch acted as a memory loss patient and his aim was to kill his wife but his short term memory loss disease acted as a block against his aim. So to enjoy the conclusion of this movie you should watch this movie. The rating of this most popular movie is 8.5.

V for Vendetta
Although no Oscar awarded British movie had freed in 2006. But thinking this if you do not watch this movie, you will miss the chance of watching the best movie certainly. All dialogues of this movie is very real and sure it will gooseflesh you. You watch, how an independent seeker person can change the whole country. So it must take the movie watch and IMDB rating of this movie is 8.2. 
If any comments or query about this article ask and suggest please. Thanks a lot to read this whole article. 

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